Linux & FOSS for the U3A community

Mailing List Subscription

There is a new mailing list available internationally for U3A members on Linux support. To subscribe to this list, send a message to


with just one line in the body of the text containing:

subscribe password


The password is optional, and if it omitted you will be sent one that the list has generated. if it is present, then that is what it will use. You will need the password to unsubscribe subsequently. Do not use anything valuable here as it will be sent in clear text.


Alternatively, you could visit



You will be asked to confirm your address when subscribing.


Other facilities are available and you can get a list by sending a message to the same place with just the line


in the body of the text. You can also access your account through a web address it will send you on subscription.


Please keep the welcome message as it will contain useful information for managing your subscription, including unsubscribing.